master hand

master hand
1. expert, master, ace, proficient, adept, mavin, Chiefly Brit. Inf. dab hand, Brit. Dial. dabster; maestro, virtuoso, talent, genius, prodigy, standout; Inf. wizard, Inf. whiz, U.S. Sl. crackerjack, Chiefly Brit. crack, Sl. sharp, Sl. shark; professional, Inf. pro, journeyman, veteran, past master or mistress, old hand, old stager; specialist, authority, pundit, scholar; connoisseur, critic; (both of martial arts) black belt, dan.
2. expertness, expertise, mastery, skill, excellence; masterfulness, masterliness, skillfulness, proficiency, adeptness; knack, touch, finesse, address, ingenuity, genius, subtlety; dexterity, adroitness, facility, ease, felicity, deftness, handiness, ambidexterity.

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